About Lisa Losasso Jackson

Your School District Marketing PartnerĀ 

  • Consulted on school district marketing efforts

  • Presented and ledĀ professional trainings through Texas School Public Relations Association

  • Served as a keynote speaker for the CDC on the importance of marketing and child nutrition programs

  • Led marketing workshops for Texas Association of School Boards and Education Service Centers

  • Developed a Marketing for Principals Workshop through Trinity University

  • Manage and direct the campaign, We Go Public (Go Public and Go Public Gulf Coast), serving as Executive Director

  • Provide communications departments consultative support in all areas of marketing and promotion


Over the past 15+ years,Ā my marketing work with schools includes the non-profit and government sectors.Ā I led school marketing efforts for Texas Department of Agricultureā€™s USDA child nutrition programs and served as the Director of School Marketing for the local dairy council.

My consulting includes a variety of school district marketing efforts and trainingsĀ for TSPRA. I had the privilege of teaming upĀ on a marketing workshop for public school principals through Trinity University.Ā 

I'veĀ conducted marketing keynotes hosted by the CDC and led interactive, hands-on workshops for communications professionals.Ā 

Since 2016, I continue to serve as the Executive Director of We Go Public and the Go Public San Antonio and Houston/Gulf Coastā€™s campaigns. Go Public promotes theĀ benefits of a K-12 public educationĀ and the great things happeningĀ within its member districts.

I'm proud to be a member of NSPRA and TSPRA. My vision is that all communications departments will have marketing resources and trainings at their fingertips!Ā 

"Gain invaluable expertise through my School District Marketing Academy! After years of trainings, keynotes, and workshops, I’ve created an easy-to-use system for your marketing goals. My vision is to empower school districts to market and promote all the great things they do and offer. I look forward to seeing you there!" – Lisa


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