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6 Items to Review in Your Marketing Strategy


Developing a marketing strategy is an important step in meeting your goals, but it’s equally as important to review what is and isn’t working in your current strategy. I’ve listed 6 things for you to review to see where you’re excelling and where you can make some improvements. 


1. Write down the top 3 things that require the most of your time. Use as inspiration to delegate and refine.

We can’t do everything! Identifying the things that consume a lot of your time can be a great way to understand what you might be able to hand off to an intern, team member, or specialist. Freeing up this time in your day will allow you to focus your energy on things that will get you one step closer to hitting your marketing goals.


2. List 3 areas of promotion you want to tackle in 2023.

It always feels like there’s so much to do all the time! However, zeroing in on your priorities is critical to achieving your goals.

Some priorities...

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Marketing Committees, Interns, and Retreats

When you have a one-person or small team, take the time to find helpers. Marketing committees and interns can be a game changer.

1. List three steps it would take to form a marketing committee

A marketing committee is a great way to expand your promotion efforts. Make it something that staff could add to their professional resume and get recognized.

The tasks your committee could take on include:

  • Brainstorming promotions or campaigns
  • Identify community events to attend 
  • Present to chambers of commerce about your ISD
  • Post on social media for your campuses
  • Gather stories from your campuses
  • Contribute to or write newsletters
  • Volunteer at convocations

  • Develop employee morale efforts
  • Support you in taking photos, videos, and writing copy

Some ways to recognize your committee could be:

  • Provide t-shirts with the committee name
  • Recognize them on social media
  • Ask your superintendent to be a part of your kick-off and a year-end recognition breakfast or lunch. ...
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7 Ways You Can Take Action Today to Market Your School District

It can often feel like you have a million things on your plate, but it really is all about just taking it one step at a time. I’ve compiled a list of 7 action items for you to choose from to make progress today! Schedule one of these tasks for each day or once per week. 


1. Audit 3 pages of your website - note improvements, old information, ways to improve.

You can start by making a list of all the pages you want to tackle and assign it as a weekly task to check 3 off of your list. 


2. Brainstorm marketing goals for 2023.

People focus on January as a time to make goals for the year, but it’s important to review and set new goals quarterly or even monthly. It’s critical to review what is and isn’t working. 


3. Register for professional development that will support your needs like the School District Marketing Academy!

There is always something new to learn or improve. Making time to get advice from industry experts is an...

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6 Ways to Get Organized and Ready for Marketing!

An organized space will help you keep a clear mind, allowing you to be more productive and let your creativity shine! Especially when it comes to marketing and promotion, organization is key. Below are six tips to help you get organized.

1. Purge and archive - your emails, documents, and folders. Make space by clearing space!

Once a quarter, I like to do a deep clean of my email inbox. This includes unsubscribing from unwanted emails and clearing out any emails I no longer need. In addition, each day I go through and sort my email inbox into folders. I only leave emails that still need a response or serve as a reminder in my inbox. This helps me feel less overwhelmed and ensures all emails are assigned to their allocated category. 

Once every quarter go through your documents and make sure they are sorted into the correct folder. You can also clear out any documents that are no longer needed. 

2. Take inventory - swag, print materials, event props, etc. Create a...

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Use Daily Themes to Create a Social Media Calendar Plan


The Importance of an Editorial Calendar for Social Media

Planning out your social media content in advance can help you stay consistent with posting and allows you to see an overview of your upcoming content. Utilizing daily themes makes coming up with content ideas easier and ensures that you have a diverse mix of posts on your social media channels. 

At Go Public, we use a batching strategy to maximize efficiency. We start by finding/creating content for each category and adding it to the calendar. Then, once the content has all been added, we write all of the post copy. Lastly, we send the content to be approved if necessary. We use labels in Trello to signify which step of the process a post is in. The goal is to get all of our posts for the upcoming week or even month to have a green “ready to post” label. It’s such a great feeling to know you’re prepared with your evergreen content, and it allows you space to focus on timely posts. 

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