6 Ways to Get Organized and Ready for Marketing!

Feb 06, 2023

An organized space will help you keep a clear mind, allowing you to be more productive and let your creativity shine! Especially when it comes to marketing and promotion, organization is key. Below are six tips to help you get organized.

1. Purge and archive - your emails, documents, and folders. Make space by clearing space!

Once a quarter, I like to do a deep clean of my email inbox. This includes unsubscribing from unwanted emails and clearing out any emails I no longer need. In addition, each day I go through and sort my email inbox into folders. I only leave emails that still need a response or serve as a reminder in my inbox. This helps me feel less overwhelmed and ensures all emails are assigned to their allocated category. 

Once every quarter go through your documents and make sure they are sorted into the correct folder. You can also clear out any documents that are no longer needed. 

2. Take inventory - swag, print materials, event props, etc. Create a spreadsheet to track what you have.

3. Create a photo library folder system - organize by categories like grade level, campus, or academic program.

Create a system and stick to it. Using a naming convention for photos and consistently organizing them into folders will help you find what you are looking for quickly. It will also show you where you may need to fill in missing content gaps. 

4. Add photos - to your folder system!

Once you’ve created your photo system, go back in and add all of your existing photos.

5. Organize - your desk area

Starting your day with a clean and organized space can make all the difference! Spend time once a month decluttering your desk. It can also be helpful to take a few minutes to reset your desk and desktop each night so you are greeted with a welcoming space when you start work the next day. 

6. Get a planner - and make it something you want to use every day. 

Finding a planner system that works for you is so important! Try a digital and physical planner to see which works better for you. I prefer a physical planner. Using colored felt tip pens makes it even more fun! 


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