7 Ways You Can Take Action Today to Market Your School District

Feb 24, 2023

It can often feel like you have a million things on your plate, but it really is all about just taking it one step at a time. I’ve compiled a list of 7 action items for you to choose from to make progress today! Schedule one of these tasks for each day or once per week. 


1. Audit 3 pages of your website - note improvements, old information, ways to improve.

You can start by making a list of all the pages you want to tackle and assign it as a weekly task to check 3 off of your list. 


2. Brainstorm marketing goals for 2023.

People focus on January as a time to make goals for the year, but it’s important to review and set new goals quarterly or even monthly. It’s critical to review what is and isn’t working. 


3. Register for professional development that will support your needs like the School District Marketing Academy!

There is always something new to learn or improve. Making time to get advice from industry experts is an important part of a marketing strategy. 


4. Send a survey out to your employees and ask for 3 positive words to describe your district for use in marketing materials.

Social media is all about community, so including quotes from members of your community will increase engagement. 


5. Build a list of all the academic programs offered in your district.

Public schools provide so many different programs and services. Highlighting all of the amazing programs offered in your district can be a great way to find content ideas. 


6. Send a survey out to your employees for a positive testimonial you can use throughout the year in all kinds of ways.

Employees are the backbone of your district, so their positive experience reflects a positive experience for students. 


7. Create a “talking points” outline about your district. Elevator pitch, mission/vision, number of academic programs, number of campuses, big awards.

Understanding what you are promoting is key to promoting it effectively. Creating “talking points” will help you do just that!



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