Use Daily Themes to Create a Social Media Calendar Plan

Jan 21, 2023

The Importance of an Editorial Calendar for Social Media

Planning out your social media content in advance can help you stay consistent with posting and allows you to see an overview of your upcoming content. Utilizing daily themes makes coming up with content ideas easier and ensures that you have a diverse mix of posts on your social media channels. 

At Go Public, we use a batching strategy to maximize efficiency. We start by finding/creating content for each category and adding it to the calendar. Then, once the content has all been added, we write all of the post copy. Lastly, we send the content to be approved if necessary. We use labels in Trello to signify which step of the process a post is in. The goal is to get all of our posts for the upcoming week or even month to have a green “ready to post” label. It’s such a great feeling to know you’re prepared with your evergreen content, and it allows you space to focus on timely posts. 


Daily Content Categories 

Monday Motivation: Feature an inspirational quote from a coach or teacher

Tools like Shortstack or Google Forms allow you to collect submissions. If you don’t currently have any quotes from coaches or teachers, you can use Google or Pinterest to find inspirational quotes about education. 


Tuesday Tips: Provide tips about your school/district

Highlight the programs/services your school/district provides. You might think these are obvious statements, but most of the time you're providing new information to your audience.


Wednesday Spotlight: School, program, heartwarming story 

Share the incredible stories and achievements within your district. 


Thursday Interaction: Poll, survey, promotion, quiz, giveaway, feedback

Connect with your community through the engagement tools offered by different social media platforms. 


Friday Fun: Humor, creative, teacher classroom themes, educational funnies 

Google or Pinterest are great places to find funny educational posts. Make sure you can use or share the content. Or, you could collect creative and funny stories from parents, teachers, and staff. Either way, fun posts that also reflect your district's voice and tone, can help boost your engagement rates.


How do I plan my editorial calendar? 

In conclusion, planning your editorial calendar comes down to these few steps:

1. Utilize daily themes to layout your week

2. Batch your activities - write content, set your themes, find images all at once

3. Use a project management tool like Trello, Asana, or even a spreadsheet

4. Schedule posts when possible

5. Review and evaluate. Which posts received the most engagement? 

Your editorial calendar can help you stay organized with your social media content. It can also help you with other content planning like website, newsletters, and presentations. 



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